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Product Recommendations (Personalizer)
Product Recommendations (Personalizer)

How to use our Personalizer app for smart data-driven product recommendations

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Quick Actions for Recommendation boxes
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Launching a New Theme?
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Does LimeSpot Support Internet Explorer?
Why does the Designer/Live Preview show incorrect recommendations?
What to do when my store is password-protected?
Why is my product inventory not updated through LimeSpot?
Why do I still see the recommendation boxes after I uninstall?
Some recommendations seem unrelated or out of place. Why is this and how can I fix it?
How to Change the Number of Items Per Recommendation Box
How to Enable/Disable the Product Review Stars
Why Are My Recommendation Boxes Not Showing Up After Changing to a New Theme?
Does LimeSpot update your store Theme?
How to Add LimeSpot Boxes to Checkout Page (Shopify Plus only)
How to Add LimeSpot Boxes to Checkout Page (BigCommerce Stores)
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