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Multi-Language Support on LimeSpot
Multi-Language Support on LimeSpot

How well does LimeSpot work with language conversion tools?

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

LimeSpot is highly compatible with most language conversion tools. We ensure that our recommendation boxes integrate seamlessly with various languages. However, there can be rare instances of a 'race condition.' This means that sometimes our boxes may load after the language conversion has taken place.

To resolve this, we can easily adjust the timing of the language conversion to synchronize with the loading of our boxes. If you encounter this issue, then simply provide us with the event or code used for language conversion. We'll then set it to trigger once our recommendation boxes have fully loaded, ensuring a smooth and accurate language conversion across your site.

Note: It is important to mention that LimeSpot is not compatible with Shopify's Translate and Adapt Language Conversion app. We are currently working to enhance compatibility with this specific tool in the future.

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