1:1 Product Recommendations

Create and use smart data-driven product recommendations per every step of your customer journey

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Email Personalization

Add personalized email widgets to your email service provider.

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Personalized Discount Bundles

Learn how to use personalized discounts per product bundle and audience segment

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Real-time Audience Segmentation

Segment your audiences based on their visit and purchase behaviors in real-time

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Text Message (SMS) Personalization

Add 1:1 product recommendation to your SMS campaigns using your favorite SMS service provider

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Curated Collections

Create curated collections for each audience segment in real time.

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How To's

Learn how to increase your Revenue, Conversion Rate and Average Order Value with LimeSpot

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Content (Image and HTML) Personalization

Content personalization relies on visitor data to deliver relevant content based on audience interests and motivations.

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Segmented Experiences

Our segmented experiences feature encompasses Audience Segmentation, Curated Collections, and Content Personalization to help you create the best ecommerce experience.

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News and Support!

Read the latest news from LimeSpot and explore options for additional support services.

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