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1:1 Product Recommendations

Create and use smart data-driven product recommendations per every step of your customer journey

Email Personalization

Add personalized email widgets to your email service provider.

Personalized Discount Bundles

Learn how to use personalized discounts per product bundle and audience segment

Real-time Audience Segmentation

Segment your audiences based on their visit and purchase behaviors in real-time

Text Message (SMS) Personalization

Add 1:1 product recommendation to your SMS campaigns using your favorite SMS service provider

Curated Collections

Create curated collections for each audience segment in real time.

How To's

Learn how to increase your Revenue, Conversion Rate and Average Order Value with LimeSpot

Content (Image and HTML) Personalization

Content personalization relies on visitor data to deliver relevant content based on audience interests and motivations.

Segmented Experiences

Our segmented experiences feature encompasses Audience Segmentation, Curated Collections, and Content Personalization to help you create the best ecommerce experience.

News and Support!

Read the latest news from LimeSpot and explore options for additional support services.