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How to Hide/Exclude Products from the Recommendation Boxes
How to Hide/Exclude Products from the Recommendation Boxes

In order to hide/exclude specific products from our recommendation boxes, please follow these steps.

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

  1. Create a new collection/category on your Shopify/BigCommerce admin panel to put all of the items that you wish to hide from LimeSpot's recommendation boxes. Note: Make sure the collection is marked as active on your Shopify/BigCommerce store, otherwise if the collection is inactive then it would not be visible on our end.

  2. Once you have created this collection/category, go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel.

  3. On the top menu of your LimeSpot Admin Panel, click Content > Collections.

  4. Deselect/Unpublish the collection(s) you wish to hide.

Please note: When you hide a collection from the LimeSpot admin panel, it will hide all the products in that collection from all the Recommendation Boxes except the 'Recent Views' box even if the product is in multiple collections that are published. Also, when using a 'Featured Collection', the products within that specific featured collection will show even if it is in an unpublished collection.
Tip: If the collection you have created on your Shopify/BigCommerce admin panel does not appear in your collection settings, perform a Manual Sync (Content > Manual Sync > Initiate Sync) and view your Collections again.

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