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Product images for LimeSpot recommendation boxes are not loading
Product images for LimeSpot recommendation boxes are not loading

Learn how to fix if LimeSpot product images are not loading

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If you checked your Limespot boxes and there are images that are not loading or broken, it can mean either of the following:

You have just updated or added new images in your Shopify admin. If so, please run a manual sync so the new images can be populated to the Limespot boxes. To run a manual sync, open your Limespot app > Content > Manual sync

Make sure that these options are selected:

Once the sync is done, please check your live site and see if the images are loading properly.

Another reason might be that there are missing images within your Limespot boxes is that no images are uploaded for these products in your Shopify admin. Unfortunately, we can’t add pictures through the Limespot app. You will have to add them through the Shopify backend.

If none of these apply to your store, please reach out to [email protected] and share with us a detailed description, including a screenshot or video recording of your experience.

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