Update LimeSpot Personalizer on BigCommerce

All BigCommerce merchants need to update LimeSpot Personalizer to be able to use all new LimeSpot features.

Written by Will Wadman
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All BigCommerce merchants using LimeSpot Personalizer might need to update the app from time to time. BigCommerce introduces new scopes of access for its plugins so that the plugins can introduce new features and use cases. Please make sure that when you see a blue arrow on LimeSpot Personalizer to always click on Update to access all the new features available for you.

How to Update LimeSpot

  1. Go to your BigCommerce Admin Panel

  2. Click on Apps > My Apps

  3. Look for LimeSpot Personalizer and click on Update. Follow the rest of the instructions to update.

Note: Only the store owner or admin has the ability to update an app in BigCommerce.

New LimeSpot Features and Capabilities

As of March 2023

With the March 2023 update, you are now able to:

If you need help with this, our LimeSpot Support Wizards are available in the chat, or you may email us at [email protected].

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