This guide will show you how to add the LimeSpot email widget to your BigCommerce notification emails. If you need help in customizing these emails, please refer to BigCommerce's help article here.

1. Once you've got your code copied to clipboard following the instructions in creating your first campaign with LimeSpot, finish by clicking on "Complete". You will be taken back to the Email Personalization Campaigns dashboard where you can see a list of all your email widgets.

2. After you're finished with the above, login to your BigCommerce dashboard and go to Storefront > Email Templates. You'll see a list of all the email templates you can send to notify your customers. For example purposes, we'll edit the Invoice template since that's frequently delivered to customers.

3. Click "Edit" to open up the email editor. Figure out where you want to add the product recommendations for your selected email. In the toolbar at the top, click on "HTML" to open up the HTML editor of your email.

4. The HTML Source Editor pop up will appear.  As an example, let's add the product recommendations just below the order items. But first, you will want to add a title for the email widget. Let's name it "You May Also Like". After that, paste the code copied to your clipboard right below the title. Click "Update" to exit the pop up.

5. Don't worry if the layout in the editor looks off. You can make a test purchase on your store to see how the invoice email actually looks like. Remember to click "Save" in the bottom right hand corner.

6. Check out how the email widget looks in your test invoice email.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added LimeSpot's email widget to your BigCommerce email template(s). ☺

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