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How to add a LimeSpot email widget to an Omnisend campaign
How to add a LimeSpot email widget to an Omnisend campaign

Learn how to add the LimeSpot email widget to your Omnisend campaign.

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  1. If you do not already have a LimeSpot email widget, create one.

  2. Select the campaign you would like to use by clicking its title.

  3. Go to the Review tab and click Copy to clipboard.

  4. :ogin to your Omnisend dashboard and create a new campaign or click on an existing campaign that you want to add the widget to. Example:

  5. Drag and drop a HTML code block at the location you would like to add the LimeSpot product recommendations.

  6. Once the HTML code block is in place, hover your cursor over the HTML block section and click on the pencil icon to edit.

  7. Paste the contents from your clipboard (the LimeSpot widget code) into the HTML block editor on the right and hit Save & Close. The email widget you created through LimeSpot will appear on the left hand side of the campaign editor.

  8. Click Next and follow the directions in Omnisend's Send Email Campaigns article to finish sending your campaign.

You can now track the performance of your email product recommendations.

If you need help in creating and sending a campaign, please refer to Omnisend's help article here.

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