This guide will show you how to add the LimeSpot email widget to your SendGrid campaign. If you need help in creating and sending a campaign, please refer to SendGrid's help article here.

1. Once you've got your code copied to clipboard following the instructions in creating your first campaign with LimeSpot, finish by clicking on "Complete". You will be taken back to the Email Personalization Campaigns dashboard where you can see a list of all your email widgets.

2. After you're finished with the above, login to your SendGrid dashboard and create a single send or click on the existing campaign that you want to add the widget to. Example:

3. Figure out where you want to add the product recommendations for your selected campaign. On the left hand panel, click on the tab "Build". Then, drag and drop the "Text" block to your specified location.

4. Once the text block is where you want it to be, click on "< > (Edit Module HTML)". In the editor, paste the code that is copied to your clipboard into the text block and hit "Update". Click "Confirm" when the pop up asks if you want to convert to a code module.

5. You will see the email widget on the campaign. Hit "Review Details and Send" on the top right hand corner to proceed.

6. Follow the directions in SendGrid's "How To Send Email With Marketing Campaigns" article to finish sending your campaign.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added LimeSpot's email widget to your campaign. ☺

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