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How to select Cross-sell & Up-sell fallback
How to select Cross-sell & Up-sell fallback

If you have not manually selected items to show up on your Cross-sell or Up-sell box, there is a fallback option.

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

Our Cross-sell & Up-sell features are great ways for store owners to manually select what they wish to showcase. However, there are times when particular products don't have a specific set of cross-sell or up-sell items selected. What does the boxes show when that happens? 

That is where the fallback option comes in handy! To access this setting, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Website Personalization and click on Designer.

Step 2: In the Designer, you may head over to the page where the Cross-sell box or Up-sell is enabled.

Step 3: Click on the recommendation box on the left panel 

Step 4: Click on General then you will see the field called: Fallback* (If No CrossSell/Upsell Items Selected), then you can change the fallback options:

The fallback options for the cross-sell box is to "Hide Box", "Show Collection", "Show Popular", "Show Trending", and "Show Bought Together".

Upsell box fallback options are "Hide Box", "Show Collection", "Show Popular", "Show Trending", "Show Related", and "Show Bought Together".

Tip: If your store is new, we might not have enough sales history to recommend products bought together. Therefore, we would NOT recommend selecting "Show Bought Together" as a fallback option if your store is new / doesn't have much sales.

Note: The fallback will populate the rest of the number of items if their manually selected items are less than the item limit.

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