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How to Manually Select Upsell/Cross-sell Items
How to Manually Select Upsell/Cross-sell Items

A guide on how to manually select specific Upsell/Cross-sell items for a single product or multiple products.

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

Getting to Your LimeSpot Upsell & Cross-Sell Settings 

  1. Go to your LimeSpot Administration Panel.

  2. Click on Conversion > Upsell & Cross-sell in the top menu.

  3. Here you will see a list of all of your shop's items on the left panel. Click on a product and a panel with two tabs: Cross - & Upsell and Box Settings will pop up on the right side. Click on Cross - & Upsell. Tip: You can easily search for your items based on keywords and navigate through the items' list page by page.

Manually Select an Individual Item to Upsell/Cross-sell

  1. Click on the item for which you would like to manually change Upsell, Cross-sell and/or Related Items Settings. NOTE: Make sure you do not check the checkbox. Click on the item image/title itself for the individual mode.

  2. Your selected item's setting panel will appear on the right side of the page

Upsell & Cross-Sell Items Settings

  1. From the right panel click on the add (+) button. A pop-up with all your items will appear.

  2. Select the items you would like to Upsell and/or Cross-Sell.

  3. Click on the Add selected items button.

  1. You can choose whether these items are both Upsell & Cross-Sell, Upsell only or Cross-Sell only. You can easily modify these settings by checking/unchecking the Upsell & Cross-Sell buttons. NOTE: When you select an item at step 3, they will automatically be an Upsell and Cross-sell item for the primary item. For those items you want to keep as Upsell and/or Cross-Sell items, make sure the Upsell and/or Cross-Sell button is checked on the right panel (see below screenshot).

  2. You can assign a custom title to the Upsell and/or Cross-Sell box for the specific product/s through the Box Settings tab, which can be found on the right side of Cross - & Upsell tab. If you leave it blank, the title for that item's Upsell and/or Cross-Sell recommendation box will be the one that you choose in the Box Settings page (LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Website Personalization > Customize). NOTE: To alter the Upsell Box message, go to this article.

Manually Bulk Select Items to Upsell/Cross-Sell

There are cases when you would like to apply the same item settings to a group of your items (let's call it the Primary list). For such case, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the items (Primary list) that you would like to apply the same settings to by checking their checkboxes. NOTE: The first item you select is the reference product. The reference product's upsell/cross-sell settings will apply to the other products in the primary list.

  2. You will see a black panel appear on the top right side of the settings including all checked items. NOTE: You can remove items from the primary items list during any step of the Group Item Settings process by either unchecking their checkbox or clicking on its image in the right panel list except for the reference product. If you uncheck the box for the reference product, the whole bulk edit box will disappear.

  3. Once you have selected more than two items, you can begin editing by clicking on the Cross- & Upsell tab.

  4. The remaining item settings (Upsell/Cross-Sell/Related Items) process is similar to the Individual Item Settings explained above.

  5. NOTE 1: You can add/remove items to/from your primary list during any step of the Group Item/Bulk Editing Settings. NOTE 2: When you are adding a new item to the primary list after step 5, all of the group item settings will be applied to this item which cannot be undone.

  6. Click Apply to selected Items once you are done.

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