LimeSpot has Upsell and Cross-Sell recommendation boxes to help maximize performance on your store. These boxes help boost sales and drive even more revenue by recommending products to your shoppers through either manually selected products or products that our AI-driven algorithm has auto-generated for you.


Upsells are focused on exactly what it sounds like: Selling more to a customer. You could upsell a customer to buy a more premium version of a product, or to buy a bigger volume, or even a subscription for long-term recurring revenue generation. Learn more about what an upsell is and how to upsell on Shopify.

The bottom line with upsells is they equal more money spent on a specific product, whereas cross-sells equal a higher overall AOV by purchasing more items.

Upsells are usually used on the Cart page to increase AOV.


A cross-sell is when you offer up an item that goes well with something a customer is already interested in.

Have products that you want to sell together?

The Cross-sell product recommendations will enable you to manually select which products to relate to one another. This could be as simple as pairing a matching scarf with a pair of mittens someone is looking at, or as complex as highlighting a few different lenses designed for a particular camera brand.

You can use Cross-sell items on any page of your website during your customer journey, from homepage to order confirmation and thank you page.

In the LimeSpot admin panel, you can manually select the items for our Upsell and Cross-sell recommendation boxes individually as well as in groups. You can find complete instructions in article from our knowledge base.

You can also manage the pages on your shop as to where you would like to activate the Upsell and Cross-Sell recommendation boxes. 

To learn more about Upselling and Cross-selling techniques and best practices, take a look at the Cross-sell and Upsell section of our Complete eCommerce Idea Guide.

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