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Integrating LimeSpot with Okendo Reviews
Integrating LimeSpot with Okendo Reviews

Learn how to integrate Okendo Reviews into LimeSpot recommendation boxes

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

Okendo Reviews is a great review app, using which, shops can collect User Generated Content and allow shoppers to review the store's products. LimeSpot is integrated with Okendo Reviews, therefore, shoppers can now see the products' user ratings in the recommendation boxes.

Here is how to activate the Okendo Reviews integration:
Note: You have to install and activate both apps to get the full benefits of this integration. 

Step 1: In your Shopify Admin, go to your Online Store > Themes > Edit Code
Step 2: Under the Templates section, Add a new template and set it up as below: 

Step 3: Add the following code in the file and Save

{% layout none %}{{ product.metafields.okendo['ProductListingSnippet'] }}

Step 4: Save the template/product.okendo-rating.liquid file. 

The Okendo Reviews will start showing up in the LimeSpot recommendation widgets.

Make sure that the User Rating option in the LimeSpot setting is Enabled. 

Step 5: Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel, turn on User Ratings by going to Global Settings > General in the Designer. Make sure the checkbox is ticked for the Show checkbox.

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