Performance Optimization
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Should I use Most Popular or Trending Items?The algorithm for the Most Popular and Trending recommendation boxes generate data in slightly different ways.
Should I use Related Items or Cross-sell?Related Items are auto-generated by default, whereas the Cross-sell box requires manual selection of products.
Should I use Carousel or Grid Style?Learn more about the different styles of recommendation boxes.
How to Maximize the Upsell PerformanceLearn more about Upsell recommendations and how to optimize it
How to Maximize the Cross-sell PerformanceLearn more about cross-sell recommendations and how to optimize it
What Is A Upsell/Cross-sell Recommendation Box?LimeSpot's Upsell and Cross-sell recommendation boxes are a great addition to any store.
How to Manually Select Upsell/Cross-sell ItemsA guide on how to manually select specific Upsell/Cross-sell items for a single product or multiple products.
How to Import Upsell and Cross-Sell CSV FileBatch import for manually picking upsell and cross-sell items. Learn the guidelines to make sure your CSV file is properly formatted.
How to Randomize the Upsell Box Item Order on Every Page LoadFind out how to show a different item order for the Upsell recommendation box on every page load.
How to Arrange the Order of Cross-sell/Upsell ItemsA guide on how to change the order of Cross-sell/Upsell items in the recommendation boxes
How to Delete the Cross-sell/Upsell Relation of a ProductA guide on how to remove the cross-sell & upsell relation from a product.
How Do I Change My Recommendation Box Placement?Follow this guide to learn how to move the Recommendation Boxes around inside the Designer.
How to Add Your Recommendation Boxes to Other WebsitesHow to add the LimeSpot recommendation boxes to other websites.
How to Show My Returning Shoppers a Recommendation Box Related to Their Past ActivitiesSome of our recommendation boxes can be used on all pages allowing you to show returning shoppers products related to their past activities.
Optimizing CLS Scores: Best Practices for Placing LimeSpot Recommendation BoxesBest Practices for Placing LimeSpot Recommendation Boxes to improve CLS scores.