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Written by Will Wadman
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Under the Collections Settings in the LimeSpot Admin Panel > Content > Products > Collections, there are some settings here for your Collections. Here are the following settings:

1. Prevalence - You can Promote, Increase Visibility, Decrease Visibility and Unpublish the Collection.

  • Promote - This promotes the collection in the recommendation boxes which means the products in the collection will most likely show up in the recommendation boxes

  • Increase Visibility - This increases the chances of the products in the collection to show in the recommendation boxes

  • Decrease Visibility - This decreases the chances of the products in the collection to show in the recommendation boxes.

  • Unpublish - This unpublishes the collection which means the products in that collection will be hidden from all the recommendation boxes except for the "Recent Views" recommendation box. Even if a product in that unpublished collection is in a published collection, it will be hidden

2. Preferred - The preferred column is for the Most Popular in this Product's Collection recommendation box. It identifies the collection that is preferred to be showing in the product's Most Popular in this Collection box if the product is in multiple collections.

3. Items - This column shows the number of items in that collection.

4. Type - This column shows the type of the collection whether it is a Standard Collection or a Brand.

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