Trouble Understanding what Personalizer does?

LimeSpot Personalizer creates Intelligent Recommendation Boxes that can be placed in your store and will showcase the products your specific customers are most likely to buy. We automatically generate tags/keywords for all your products, and our algorithm calculates these relations through different parameters (keywords, titles, collections, and customer behavior through time) thus creating a more tailored and unique shopping experience for each shopper.

Cannot access my password-protected wesbite?

Enter your password to access your password-protected website in the preview page. Once you have entered your store, you will see the preview of the look and placements of the recommendation boxes in your store.

More information about Personalizer Pricing?

Our application is completely risk-free as our clients do not begin paying for the use of our features until our app, LimeSpot: Personalizer, drives 5x their monthly LimeSpot: Personalizer subscription fee. The invoice is calculated at the start of the month based on what has happened on the last 30 days. Learn more in this article.

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