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Product Bundle Discounts -FAQ

Learn more about LimeSpot Product Bundle Discounts

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Q. What type of discounts are currently supported?

LimeSpot provides a variety of discount types to enhance your e-commerce offerings. Here's a detailed overview of what you can access:

1- Percentage Discount:

Percentage discounts allow you to entice shoppers by applying a specific percentage reduction to the total price of the product(s).

Suggested Best Practices:

Offering a percentage discount for items under $100 will appear to be of a greater value than the dollar amount discount. For example, 25% off $75 appears larger than $18.75 off $75.

2- Fixed Amount Discount:

Fixed amount discounts give shoppers a set dollar amount off their product purchase(s).

Suggested Best Practices:

Offering a dollar amount discount for items over $100 dollars will always look larger than a percentage discount. For example, $75 off $300 appears larger than 25% off $300.

3- Free Shipping:

Free shipping is a shopper favorite that eliminates shipping costs entirely. It's a powerful motivator for shoppers to complete their purchases without hesitation.

Suggested Best Practices:

Offering free shipping can improve conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment, and enhance the overall shopping experience, ultimately boosting your sales.

Where can discount campaigns/discounted bundles be shown on my website?

Discounts on product bundles are displayed on product pages (PDP).

Q. If an item is deselected from a bundle, then what happens to the discount?

If an item is removed from the bundle, the discount will no longer apply. The same thing happens if one of the products is removed from the cart after it is added.

Q. If a shopper adds multiple numbers of the same discounted product to their cart when they purchase a bundle, then will the additional products also be discounted?

No. The products included in the bundle will only be discounted once. For example, a discounted bundle includes 3 products: a bracelet, a watch, and a belt. If shoppers add the bundle of the 3 products to their cart and an addition of 2 more belts, the additional belts would NOT be discounted.

Q. If a shopper purchases only one of the products in the bundle, will it still be discounted?

No. The bundle discount will only apply if the shopper purchases the whole bundle. Also, the bundle discount will be applied to the cart only if the bundle is added to the cart altogether and not 1 by 1. For example, there’s a discounted bundle that includes 3 products: a bracelet, a watch, and a belt. If the shopper unchecks the boxes for the belt and watch and adds only the bracelet to their cart, then the bracelet will NOT be discounted.

Q. If a shopper purchases a discounted bundle and then returns to the store later, can they purchase the bundle again?

No. Not with the same discount code or the same user email. However, if at the time of the 2nd purchase, the campaign is still active, then the shopper may see the bundle discount again and can apply that to their cart.

Note: All LimeSpot discounts are set up to be used only once per customer.

Q. How does the discount get applied? Does the customer need to add it manually?

The customer does not need to apply the discount manually. All LimeSpot discounts are applied automatically.

Q. Can I add more than 1 bundle to the cart?

No. Only 1 LimeSpot bundle can be added to the cart at this time. Multiple bundles from different product pages will not work together.

Note: If a customer adds two different bundles to their cart, only the most recently added bundle discount will be applied.

Q. Can I create a discount for all products in my catalog?

Yes! If no product is selected during the discount campaign creation wizard, all products will be eligible for this discount campaign.

Q. Can I create a discount for all my visitors?

Yes! If no audience is selected during the discount campaign creation wizard, all visitors will be eligible to see this discount campaign.


A simple way to apply a discount to every product in your catalog would be to select no specific products or Audience Segments when creating your discount campaign. The discount automatically applies to all products and shoppers when you include all products and audiences. Otherwise you can use product collections, product types, product tags, specific products, and product recommendations to define which discounts will be applied to certain products.

Q. Can discounts be reused?

No. We designed these discounts to be single-use. While the discount applies automatically, every discount will have its own unique discount code per shopper, which is tracked and verified during all steps from the cart to checkout to purchase. This ensures that no shoppers can “share” their discount codes with others and each shopper can use 1 discount code only once.

Q. How do I make design adjustments to product bundles using developer tools?

You can customize the look and feel of your product bundles through LimeSpot’s Designer.

To do this, go to Conversions > Website Personalization, and then select Designer. Once there, select the Product Page in the dropdown menu on the screen's top left side. Once there, select your Bundle Recommendation Box.

Q. What customizations can I make to my discount campaign’s appearance?

You have a few options when adjusting the appearance of your Discounts and Promotions on product bundles.

Text Options:

In Step 4 of the discount campaign configuration process, you can make the following adjustments to the language used for your discount.

  • Discount tag: Change the bright label's wording next to the discount information.

  • Discount text: Modify the copy that appears to the right of the Discount Tag and provide more details about the discount.

  • Discount Footnote: Add or edit the “Fine Print” for your campaign.

CSS and HTML Options:

Modifying discounted bundles' look and feel requires technical knowledge, including CSS and HTML knowledge. These modifications can be done in the LimeSpot designer using Javascript and CSS. LimeSpot can help support these modifications with information and suggestions, and help with minor/simple customizations. Complex customizations require work from the customers' development team.

Q. How can I see the discounts that have been used and how my discount and promotions campaigns are performing?

Shopify users can view the unique discount codes created by LimeSpot’s Discount and Promotions on product bundles in your Discounts list in your admin interface. LimeSpot discounts will always begin with “LS-”. You can click on the discount code in Shopify to see a more detailed view of the code.

When a discount code expires or becomes invalid, our engine cleans up that discount code permanently. So you will only see active or valid discount codes on the Shopify discount section.

When purchases on discounted product bundles are processed, you can see a high level overview of all recorded conversions on the Analytics > Overview tab.

Also if you navigate to the Conversions > Discounts and Promotions tab, then conversions will be reflected on your table of discount campaigns. Data displayed includes number of renders, number of clicks, net sales and discount amount.

Campaign analytics and performance can be viewed in Analytics > Campaigns > Discount & Promotions, similar to other campaign types. On this page you can also filter by date range.

You can filter the Analytics Overview, Product, and Recommendation pages based on your campaigns to analyze shopper activities.

Q. Discount Campaigns Priority Order

Merchants can define or change the discount campaigns' priority to clarify which campaign should run when there are multiple active discount campaigns per product per shopper. Sometimes a shopper may view a product that is in multiple bundles. This priority will help the merchant show the bundle discount they want as the primary option to the shopper.

To set a priority order for your discount campaigns, you’ll need to have at least 2 campaigns. Be sure you have selected the Status option that includes the discount campaigns you want to reorder. Then click the “Reorder” button on the top right side of the screen.

Campaigns in the top position have the highest priority. The bottom of your campaign list will have the lowest priority.

Q. What do the Discounts and Promotions Campaign Statuses mean?

When looking at the Discounts and Promotions on the product bundles page, you can sort the page by the status of your campaigns. Just click on the “Status” dropdown on the upper right side of the page. Here’s a breakdown of the status options you’ll see:

1- All

Choosing this option will allow you to see all your Discounts and Promotions campaigns.

2- Draft

This status includes all the campaigns you have scheduled for the future but are not yet active.

3- Active

Sorting by “active” will allow you to see only the Discounts and Promotions campaigns currently available to shoppers.

4- Inactive

This status includes any campaigns you deactivated. They can be edited and activated again.

5- Archived

Archived campaigns are basically deleted. They cannot be edited or moved to an active status again. However, you can still access them and clone them if you choose.

6- Usage Limit Reached

The Discounts and Promotions campaigns for which the usage limit has been reached. Such campaigns are no longer available to shoppers.

7- Expired

This status refers to campaigns that were scheduled to end and the end date has passed. Such campaigns are no longer available to shoppers.

Q. Can discount campaigns be A/B tested?

You can use LimeSpot's A/B testing feature to compare the performance of an experience featuring a Discount campaign against an experience without a Discount campaign. This allows you to identify which approach yields superior results.

Q. How do I activate my campaign for Discounts & promotions?

After creating your campaign, publish it on the website using Designer. Go to Designer > Product page, select “Product Bundle Discounts,” and click the Enabled checkbox.

Q. What carousels/recommendation boxes do discount & promotions work with?

Product bundle discounts have a product as a focus point, the feature works only on the Bundle Style with the following recommendation boxes:

  1. Frequently Bought Together

  2. Cross-sell

  3. Related Items

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