How to Create Product Bundles

How to create products bundles, add options and activate.

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One way to increase your customer interaction, Average Order Value and ultimately Store's Revenue is to offer product bundles. You can display bundles based on the product that is currently on display (e.g. PDP page), recently viewed, or already in cart.

Limespot uses your store sales data to recommend items for your shoppers that are often purchased together with the item currently being viewed. While this recommendation can be displayed in our traditional carousel style, you can also make our cross-sell, frequently bought together, and related items boxes use the "Bundle" option, then add a product bundle discount later.

To create product bundles, you must navigate to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Website Personalization > Designer.

Go to the Product Page using the Quick Jump dropdown menu on the upper left or directly click on a product to access it.

Click on the box you want to enable this on, and under the General settings, choose "Bundle" as the Style. Please note that the Bundle style can only be enabled on the Cross-Sell, Frequently Bought Together, and Related Items Recommendation Boxes.

Once you select the "Bundle" Option, you can customize the Add to Cart Button Title, Total Price label, This Item label, and Number of items.


The minimum number of items to display is 3, and if your store is in another language, we are also able to translate the static text such as "This item," "Total Price," and "Add Selected to Cart" with a JavaScript code.

Just reach out to us via the in-app chat or email at [email protected]


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