Please note that LimeSpot is committed to protecting the privacy and the security of the personal information provided to us via our Products.

How Tracking Works

Our trackers will track the users in 2 ways:

  1. When the user is logged into their account on the online store. We will identify that user via their email address or phone number which also exists on their order record.

  2. When the user is not logged into their account on the online store, e.g. a guest user, we identify that user by mapping the cart_token assigned to user's shopping cart, which also exists on the order.

How We Attribute the Sources Based on the User

The driven clicks are tracked by whether the online shopper clicked the product via standard navigation (ie. in one of your collection pages) or through one of LimeSpot's recommendations and personalized contents.

Additionally, for sales generated through our LimeSpot recommendations and personalized content, we use a first-click attribution model to account for the LimeSpot driven sales. This means that if the user clicked on a product through the Most Popular box first, then New Arrivals box, then again on the Recent Views box, we attribute that click to the Most Popular box.

Note: If the Cart_Token is not provided during the purchase session or if the email address is detected as a new email in our system after the purchase is made, the user’s pre-purchase activities will not be associated to their order and that order will be attributed to Unknown source and Unknown source page in the analytics even if they are LimeSpot driven.

How Revenue is Calculated

The revenue that LimeSpot is generating for you is calculated by taking into consideration all purchases that have been completed as a result of a customer clicking on a product in one of LimeSpot's components (e.g. Product Recommendations, Email Widgets, Content Personalization, etc.).

The revenue that we show is based on the product's Original Price or Compare at Price/Sale Price that is in your eCommerce admin product information. Also, we take into account your refunds and discounts in each order. We don’t consider taxes or shipping costs in our revenue. These statistics show how LimeSpot is helping the sales of your online stores.

Key Terminologies



  • A token assigned to the user’s shopping cart as well as a property of their order. We utilize this token to associate the purchased items' sources and source pages.

Unknown source

  • A source that is not detected by our trackers.

Unknown Source Page

  • A Source Page that is not detected by our trackers.

Standard Navigation Source

  • An activity source that is not via LimeSpot or Unknown sources.

  • Shown as grey in analytics

LimeSpot Driven

  • Driven clicks tracked through LimeSpot recommendation boxes (e.g. Most Popular, New Arrivals, You May Like, etc.) or other LimeSpot components (e.g. Email Widgets, Content Personalization, Google Shopping Ads, etc.)

  • Shown as green in analytics

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