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Integrating LimeSpot with Searchanise
Integrating LimeSpot with Searchanise

Learn more about integrating with Searchanise (Smart Search & Instant Search)

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

Searchanise (Smart Search & Instant Search) helps you create a guided customer experience across all touchpoints of product search & discovery journey and maximize your store conversion.

Searchanise and LimeSpot’s integration allows you to add our real-time personalized recommendation boxes onto their search pages for an optimal customer journey experience.

Benefits of Integrating with Searchanise

  • Add LimeSpot product recommendations to Searchanise's Search pages

  • Enhance your customer experience at no cost

  • Increase your revenue and conversion rates

How to Integrate with Searchanise

Note: To benefit from this integration, you need to have both apps installed and activated.

  • Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Website Personalization > Designer and navigate to your site's search page by searching for a product via your site navigation.

  • Contact us to add a JavaScript code so we can recognize the 'search-results-page' handle url as part of the "Search" page in our Designer.

  • Our product recommendation boxes will show up at the bottom of the Searchanise pages.

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