Searchanise (Smart Search & Instant Search) helps you create a guided customer experience across all touchpoints of product search & discovery journey and maximize your store conversion.

Searchanise and LimeSpot’s integration allows you to add our AI powered recommendation boxes onto their search pages for an optimal customer journey experience.

Benefits of Integrating with Searchanise

  • Add LimeSpot product recommendations to Searchanise's Search pages

  • Enhance your customer experience at no cost

  • Increase your revenue and conversion rates

How to Integrate with Searchanise

Note: To benefit from this integration, you need to have both apps installed and activated.

  • Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Website Personalization > Designer and navigate to your site's search page by searching for a product via your site navigation.

  • Contact us to add a JavaScript code so we can recognize the 'search-results-page' handle url as part of the "Search" page in our Designer.

  • Our product recommendation boxes will show up at the bottom of the Searchanise pages.

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