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Quick Actions for Recommendation boxes
Quick Actions for Recommendation boxes

Choose from Pop-up or Overlay for Add-to-Cart button to display your product variants

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

We automatically inherit your variants set up through Shopify & BigCommerce and only display variants that are available and in stock.

To change the quick action for the add to cart function, follow the steps below:

Go to Designer, under Global Settings > Quick Actions > Action Type

There are 2 options:

  1. Quick View Dialog (Pop-up)

  2. Dropdown (Overlay)

For the Quick View Dialog:

  1. Select Quick View Dialog

2. You can further customize the Quick View Dialog by selecting to 'Show Product Description' and/or 'Show Quantity Selector' by selecting one/both of the fields below:

Here is an example of the product description and the quantity displayed with this selection:

For the Dropdown:

  1. Select Dropdown (note that this is default setting when the app is installed).

Here is an example of the action when the dropdown is selected:

Here are some additional customizations you will find through your Quick Actions section that are applicable to both of the above Add to Cart settings:

  • Add to Cart Button - Title: Change the title of the 'Add to Cart' button to anything you would like (Add to Bag, Buy Now, etc.)

  • Add to Cart Button - Mode: Choose how you would like the Add to cart button to appear within the boxes. You can disable the button, have the button only appear when you hover over a product or always display the button.

  • Add to Cart Button - Corner Radius (px): Alter the look of the Add to Cart button by changing the sharpness of the image corners. A radius of 1 or more will make the corners more rounded.

  • Add to Cart Confirmation: Customize 'Item Added To Cart' Notification. Try {items} added to cart to include the name of the products being added to cart.

  • Add to Cart Notification Mode: Choose the add to cart behaviour once an item is added to cart. It is set to reload the page by default. You can change this action by selecting from the dropdown with these options: Reload Page, Go to Cart Page, Notification Only.

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