Setup and Configuration
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How to Install LimeSpot App on Shopify PlatformInstalling LimeSpot onto your Shopify store is super easy!
How to manually install LimeSpot on BigCommerce non-Stencil themes (pre 2016)Learn how to manually install LimeSpot app if you are still using pre 2016, non-Stencil themes on your BigCommerce store
Update LimeSpot Personalizer on BigCommerceAll BigCommerce merchants need to update LimeSpot Personalizer to be able to use all new LimeSpot features.
How to Access the LimeSpot Admin PanelLearn how you can access the LimeSpot Admin Panel
Create a LimeSpot AccountLearn how to create a LimeSpot Account.
How to Select Your SegmentsSelect the 'Segments' of your products so we can analyze your store better.
What Should I Check on Preview Mode?Check the styles, placements, images and alignments of the recommendation boxes...
How to Select the Best Recommendation Boxes Settings to Start WithSelect the best recommendation boxes settings for your store...
Questions about your setup?Learn more about LimeSpot Personalizer setup.
How to Select the Best Color, Font Style and Design of the Recommendation BoxesWe suggest to use the settings that you have in your Shopify theme so that the recommendation boxes look good with your theme...
How to Add/Remove the Recommendation BoxesLearn how to add/remove our Intelligent Product Recommendation boxes on your store.
How to Choose the Best Placement for the Recommendation BoxesBest placements to maximize the use of the recommendation boxes and increase your revenue...
Is the LimeSpot App active in my live store?How can you tell if the LimeSpot is active or not in your online store...
What is the difference between "Save" and "Publish"?Once you have made the desired changes on your designer, you can either Save or Publish the changes you have made.
How to Hide/Exclude Products from the Recommendation BoxesIn order to hide/exclude specific products from our recommendation boxes, please follow these steps.
How to Change the Upsell MessageLearn more about how to change the upsell message.
How to Add Vendor Names on the Product RecommendationsIf your products have vendor names, you can add them on our product recommendations with CSS.