How to Maximize the Cross-sell Performance

Learn more about cross-sell recommendations and how to optimize it

Written by Will Wadman
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A cross-sell is when you offer up an item that goes well with something a customer is already interested in. This could be as simple as pairing a matching scarf with a pair of mittens someone is looking at, or as complex as highlighting a few different lenses designed for a particular camera brand.

Please follow the 4 steps below to optimize your cross-sell recommendations. Contact us via the Chat icon below for questions or more information.

1. Set a reference product

You can set the Reference Product to show Cross-sell recommendations referenced to the current product (on the product page), or products in-cart, recently purchased or recently viewed (on all pages). Click here to learn more.

2. Set a fall-back option for data-driven automatic cross-sell

If you have not manually picked any cross-sell items for your products, it will use the fall-back option to provide cross-sell items automatically using LimeSpot's real-time personalization.

There are four different types of recommendations to choose from:

  • Frequently Bought Together

  • Most Popular

  • Trending Items

  • Related items

3. Set a style for cross-sell recommendations

You can choose from three different types of styles for your cross-sell recommendations:

  • Carousel: This is a slider-like recommendation box and is the most popular style. It is generally used on the product, collection pages, and cart pages.

  • Grid: As the name suggests it is a grid of products. It looks like a short collection of products. Grid style is generally used on the Home page, Thank You page, and other content-heavy pages like Blogs.

  • Bundle: As the name suggests, it shows the products as a bundle. You can use the bundle style on your product pages only. We also recommend keeping the number of items in your bundles to a maximum of 3. Learn more.

4. Fine-tune Cross-sell recommendations with manually picked items

Picking the cross-sell items manually, especially for your bundled products, is a very effective way to maximize the performance of a Cross-sell box.

You can set your cross-sell items manually by visiting the LimeSpot admin panel > Conversion > Upsell & Cross-Sell.

You will see all your products listed there and you can click on the product you would like to pick your upsell/cross-sell items for. Click here to learn more.

You can also import your manually picked upsell and cross-sell products as a batch in a CSV file and start using them instantly. Click here to learn more.


  1. Start with providing data-driven automated cross-sell recommendations, based on browsing and purchasing behavior, and then optimize by adding manually picked cross-sell items.

  2. Let customers add a bundle of products to their cart with a single click to instantly boost AOV.

  3. Cross-sell other products from the same brand when a customer is browsing a particular product.

  4. Recommend products at checkout to give your customers one last opportunity to add to their basket and boost average order value (For BigCommerce and Shopify Plus merchants only).

  5. Give your customers one last look at what they may have missed by highlighting items on the Order Status/Thank You page.

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