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How to Import Upsell and Cross-Sell CSV File
How to Import Upsell and Cross-Sell CSV File

Batch import for manually picking upsell and cross-sell items. Learn the guidelines to make sure your CSV file is properly formatted.

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

1) Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Upsell & Cross-sell > Import (top right corner).

2) Download and fill the template, then upload to import. You can also upload your own CSV file. Make sure your CSV file is properly formatted. It should look like the screenshot below:

Column A: Product SKU or Barcode (Note: Products with the same SKUs will receive all the upsell/cross-sell items across all rows with the given SKU.)

โ€‹Column B and onwards: Upsell and Cross-Sell items (in SKU/barcode format) you want to match with the product SKU/barcode in Column A.

manual picks csv

Note: When you paste your SKU/barcode inside your spreadsheet, the value may get changed to a scientific format by Excel. However we just read it as a CSV so don't worry about the value being changed.

3) When the Import pop-up appears on the right, download and fill the template, then upload to import or select a CSV file for upload. If you included a header for the first row like the screenshot above, make sure to leave the box "First row is Header" checked. Then, check the boxes to assign the items as Upsell/Cross-Sell. Click "Upload and Import" to finish.

Note: For existing items that already have upsells/cross-sells attached to it, "append new values" means you are adding new upsells/cross-sells on top of existing ones. For instance you added 2 upsell/cross-sell items to Product X already, so if you append and add 3 more, it would be added to Product X. So the total upsell/cross-sell products would be 5 for Product X. If you "replace with new values", the previous 2 upsell/cross-sell items attached to Product X would be removed and only the 3 new ones would be included.

How to download the template:

How to upload your own CSV file:

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