1) Go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Conversion > Upsell & Cross-sell > Import (top right corner).

2) Make sure your CSV file is properly formatted. It should look like the screenshot below:

Column A: Product SKU or Barcode ((Note: If you have products that have the same SKUs, they will get the upsell/cross-sell items in Column B and onwards and will be added as upsell/cross-sell items.)
Column B and onwards: Upsell and Cross-Sell items (in SKU/barcode format) you want to match with the product SKU/barcode in Column A.

manual picks csv

Note: When you paste your SKU/barcode inside your spreadsheet, the value may get changed to a scientific format by Excel. However we just read it as a CSV so don't worry about the value being changed.

3) When the Import pop-up appears on the right, drop a CSV file or select a CSV file for upload. If you included a header for the first row like the screenshot above, make sure to leave the box "First row is Header" checked. Then, check the boxes to assign the items as Upsell/Cross-Sell. Click "Upload and Import" to finish.

Note: For existing items that already have upsells/cross-sells attached to it, "append new values" means you are adding new upsells/cross-sells on top of existing ones. For instance you added 2 upsell/cross-sell items to Product X already, so if you append and add 3 more, it would be added to Product X. So the total upsell/cross-sell products would be 5 for Product X. If you "replace with new values", the previous 2 upsell/cross-sell items attached to Product X would be removed and only the 3 new ones would be included.

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