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What is the LimeSpot Essentials Plan Pricing Based on?

Our Essentials plan is tier-based, meaning it is calculated from your store's total monthly revenue and starts at $18 per month. Calculate your price here.

For example:

If your store's total monthly revenue is under $8,000 a month, you will pay $18/month

If your store's total monthly revenue is $20,000 a month, you will pay $40/month
Calculate your price here.

This plan is best if you are using a lot of LimeSpot boxes throughout your store, but don't need all of the advanced features LimeSpot offers. If you would prefer to pay by performance (the amount of revenue LimeSpot drives through recommendations), you may want to switch to the Pay as You Grow plan.

What happens when your store's revenue exceeds your plan tier?

If your store’s revenue exceeds your selected plan tier, you will be invoiced the difference between your current plan and the next tier plan on the day it exceeds. You will be notified by email of this overage charge. Take note that on your next billing cycle, you will only be charged your current plan.

See our support article for more info on LimeSpot plan pricing

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