How Does LimeSpot's Pricing Work?

Learn more about LimeSpot pricing.

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What is LimeSpot Pricing Based on?

We offer 3 different plans with different features suitable with your store's needs.

  • Essentials Plan - This pricing starts at $18/month and is based on your store's total monthly GMV (Gross Merchandise Value or Volume), that is the total value of sales over a month. This pricing is best if you are using a lot of LimeSpot boxes throughout your store. This charge may change if you exceed your revenue tier.

  • Pay as You Grow Plan - This pricing starts at $15/month and is based on the performance of LimeSpot on your store. You will be charged 2% on orders where the customer interacted with a LimeSpot component. The entry price is $15 which includes the first $750 of LimeSpot attributed sales, after which you will be charged 2% of the LimeSpot attributed sales on day 15 and day 30 of the billing cycle for anything above $750. This charge may change every month based on how LimeSpot is performing in your store.

  • Premium/Enterprise Plan - For merchants who are looking for advanced content personalization and segmentation and is provided with end-to-end advanced personalization. Custom pricing is available after consulting with our Sales team.

Learn more about the different features available on each plan by visiting our Pricing Page.

For more information and to calculate how much you would pay based on your store’s monthly revenue or LimeSpot Assisted revenue, view our pricing table and other information here.

Wanting to change your plan?

Easily switch to a different plan from your LimeSpot admin panel at any time.

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