How to Maximize the Upsell Performance

Learn more about Upsell recommendations and how to optimize it

Written by Will Wadman
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Upsell recommendations are used on the top of the cart page/slide out cart and are usually designed to increase your order value.

Please follow the 3 steps below to optimize your upsell recommendations. Contact us via Chat icon below for questions or more information.

1. Set a reference product

You can change the Reference Product to show upsell recommendations referenced to the product currently in-cart, recently purchased, or recently viewed products. Click here to learn more.

2. Set a fall-back option for data-driven automatic upsells

If you have not manually picked Upsell items for your products, the default setting for the Upsell recommendation box is to fall back on the Most Popular Items in your store.

You can change this setting and show:

  • Frequently Bought Together

  • Trending Items

  • Related items

You can also change the sorting order of the items to price, popularity, or the latest trend.

3. Fine-tune upsell recommendations with manually picked items

Picking the upsell items manually, at least for your best-selling products, is a very effective way to maximize the performance of an Upsell box since you know your products best. Go to this article to learn more about this.

You can also import your manually picked upsell and cross-sell products as a batch in a CSV file and start using them instantly. Click here to learn more.


  1. Get customers to purchase a more premium version of a product they’re interested in by upselling them on a better option: Better value, Bigger volume, Lower-priced bundle, etc.

  2. Encourage customers to change their one-off purchase into a subscription by promoting your subscription products. This feature is available through integration with Subscription apps such as ReCharge. Learn more here.

  3. Add LimeSpot upsell box to your AJAX side carts. Learn more here.

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