Wrong Invoice Charge?

If you are experiencing any problems with your Personalizer invoices (ie. double charge, wrong invoice, etc.), you need to notify us through email within 30 days of your invoice date.

Uninstalled in the middle of the Billing Cycle?

If you are requesting for a refund since you have uninstalled the app in the middle of your billing cycle (30 days), LimeSpot Personalizer charges are split into 2 categories: Flat Fee and 2% of the LimeSpot Personalizer driven revenue usage charge.

  • The 2% of the LimeSpot Personalizer driven revenue will be waived on the current billing cycle. The current performance of the LimeSpot Personalizer will not be calculated once you have uninstalled the app. Take note that the 2% charge in the last invoice belongs to the last billing cycle.
  • The Flat Fee that was charged in the last invoice is only charged on your account if LimeSpot Personalizer performed well in your last billing cycle. We only charge you if our app drove enough revenue for your store in the last month. Hence, we will not be able to refund you this money. We suggest that you continue using the app until the last day of your billing cycle.

Note: We will NOT be able to process your request and/or to refund/credit you after 30 days from the invoice issuance date.

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