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How to present Personalized Product Bundle Discounts per Audience Segment
How to present Personalized Product Bundle Discounts per Audience Segment

Learn how to present dynamic pricing per product bundle for each website visitor.

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Using Personalized product bundle discounts and real-time Audience Segmentation, merchants can create personalized discounts tailored to different audiences for any product bundle on their e-commerce store.

Simply, go to Audience and select which audience segment(s) can access the discount.

You can use the same “Any”/”All” logic. If you choose “Any,” then any audience segments you include in the list will have access to the discount campaign. If you choose “All,” then a shopper must match every audience segment you add to access the discount campaign.

You will not see any options on the Audience Target dropdown if you have not created any Audience Segments. You can move ahead without selecting any audiences, which means all your shoppers will be presented with the same discount campaigns on your online store.

Tip: For the purpose of testing you can choose different audiences for different test scenarios to ensure that a particular campaign is displayed to the right audience!


  1. You can access Audinece Tab in the step 3 of campaign creation or edit.

  2. This feature is currently available on Premium plan only - and will be available as Add-on for Essential and Pay As You Grow in near future

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