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Real-time Audience Segmentation
Get Started With Audience Segmentation
Get Started With Audience Segmentation

Learn more about LimeSpot's built in audience segmentation.

Written by Will Wadman
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Note: This feature is available to customers on Premium plan only at this time (all Premium references apply to Enterprise packages as well).

Segment your audiences based on their visit and purchase behaviours as well as their other characteristics. Audience Segments will be used for targeting your Shoppers in your Ads, Discounts, Emails, Curated Collections and other Personalized Campaigns.

To get started, navigate to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Segmentation > Audience. Click on Create Segment to begin.

Choose from our list of Standard Segments or create your own by clicking on "Blank". Segment options in "Blank" include: Devices, Location, Visited Page URL. Visited from Referral URL, and Landed with URL Parameter.

For example purposes, let's select the "Active Customers" segment. A pop-up will appear asking you to set a minimum number of product views over the past 6 months for your customers to be considered "Active". Let's go ahead and set the minimum number to be 5. Click "Create" to go to editing your audience segment.

Make adjustments to your segment by limiting the Collection from the dropdown (optional) and set the number of items within a certain date range. Click "Save" once you're done.

Once you have saved, your audience segment will be active on your store.

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