Getting to your Personalizer Upsell/Cross-sell settings

  1. Go to your LimeSpot Administration Panel.
  2. Click on Products in the top menu.
  3. Here you will see a list of all of your shop's items on the left panel. Click on a product and a panel with three tabs: Cross - & Upsell, Box Settings and Targeting will pop up on the right side. Click on Cross - & Upsell.  

Tip: You can easily search for your items based on keywords and navigate through the items' list page by page.

Manually selecting items to Upsell/Cross-sell.  

  1. Click on the item for which you would like to manually change Upsell, Cross-sell and/or Related Items Settings. NOTE: Make sure you do not check the checkbox. Click on the item image/title itself for the individual mode.
  2. Your selected item's setting panel will appear on the right side of the page

Upsell & Cross-Sell Items Settings

  1. From the right panel click on the add button. A pop-up with all your items will appear.
  2. Select the items you would like to Upsell and/or Cross-Sell.
  3. Click on the Add selected items button.

  1. You can choose whether these items are both Upsell & Cross-Sell, Upsell only or Cross-Sell only. You can easily modify these settings by checking/unchecking the Upsell & Cross-Sell buttons. NOTE: When you select an item at step 3, they will automatically be an Upsell and Cross-sell item for the primary item. For those items you want to keep as Upsell and/or Cross-Sell items, make sure the Upsell and/or Cross-Sell button is checked on the right panel (see below screenshot).
  2. You can assign a custom title to the Upsell and/or Cross-Sell box for the specific product/s through the Box Settings tab, which can be found on the right side of Cross - & Upsell tab. If you leave it blank, the title for that item's Upsell and/or Cross-Sell recommendation box will be the one that you choose in the Box Settings page (LimeSpot Admin Panel > Personalizer > Recomm. Boxes > Customize). NOTE: To alter the Upsell Box message, go to this article.

Tip: Learn how to bulk select Cross-sell/Upsell products in this article.

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