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Boost Google Ads Performance with LimeSpot Audience Segments
Boost Google Ads Performance with LimeSpot Audience Segments

How to improve your Google Ads performance (ROAS) and reduce you cost of customer acquisition with LimeSpot Audience Segments

Written by Will Wadman
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Configure your online store to differentiate between visitors at various stages of your customer journey and leverage those segments to optimize your Google Ads performance.

Step 1 - Activate Audience Segments Add-on

The Audience Segmentation is included in all Premium plans.
Please skip to the next step if you have a LimeSpot Premium plan.

  1. Login to the LimeSpot App and navigate to Segmentation > Audience

  2. If you do not currently have the Audience Segment Add-on enabled, click on Start 7-day Free Trial and Activate the Audience Segmentation.

Step 2 - Create your Customer Journey Funnel

  1. Click Create, select First-time visitors from Segment Templates and click Save.

    Feel free to adjust the template values according to your store requirements.

  2. Repeat Step 2 for the following Templates to create all Journey Funnel Segments:

    1. Returning visitors - Active Visitors who have been on your site before

    2. Potential buyers - Visitors who have left an item in the Cart

    3. First-time buyers - Visitors who had only 1 previous purchase

    4. Returning buyers - Active Visitors who had previous purchase

The Audience Segments Add-on comes with 5 Active Segments. Please contact LimeSpot Support if you need additional segments.

Step 3 - Sync your Audience Segments with Google

  1. Navigate to Segmentation > Audiences and click on Sync.

  2. Follow the instructions to connect your Google Ads account, check the Sync Checkbox, and Save, if you have not done already.

    If you need further instructions on setting up Google Ads account integration, follow this article: How to Sync LimeSpot Audience Segments with Google

Step 4 - Improve performance of your Google Ad Campaigns

Increase Conversions and Revenue:

To add Custom Audiences to your Google remarketing campaigns, please follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.

  2. Navigate to the campaign where you want to use the funnel segment audiences.

  3. Click on the campaign, then go to the Audiences section.

  4. Click on the pencil icon or Edit Audience Segments.

  5. Select the Browse tab to view available audience segments.

  6. Choose the LimeSpot custom audience you want to add from the list of available audiences.

  7. Click on the Save button to apply the changes to your campaign

Performance Max Campaigns and Shopping Campaigns campaigns are most effective for increasing the conversion rate and revenue of an online store.

Expand Goggle Ads Reach and improve conversion rate

To expand your reach on Google Ads campaigns by creating similar audiences based on custom audiences, please follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Audience Manager in your Google Ads account.

  2. Find the LimeSpot custom audience that you want to base your similar audience on.

  3. Select the option to create a similar audience. This will allow Google to find new users who have similar characteristics to your LimeSpot custom audience.

  4. Review the size and demographics of the similar audience to ensure it aligns with your campaign goals.

  5. Apply the similar audience to your campaigns to start reaching a broader group of potential customers.

Similar audiences will share the same characteristics with your LimeSpot Audience Segments. You'll likely to reach an audience that has a higher propensity to purchase, which will lead to more efficient spending and better conversion rates.

Utilize across all Campaign types

You can utilize your LimeSpot custom audiences on the following types of campaigns to enhance targeting, improve ad relevance, and ultimately boost campaign performance.

  • Performance Max Campaigns: Utilize Google’s AI to optimize your ads across all Google properties, including YouTube, Search, and more

  • Gmail Campaigns: Appear in users’ Gmail inboxes, targeting based on their interests and past interactions

  • Display Campaigns: Target users as they browse websites within the Google Display Network

  • YouTube Campaigns: Reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or channel

  • Discovery Campaigns: Engage users across Google’s feeds when they’re open to discovering your products or services

  • Demand Geneneration Campaigns: Generate demand for your products or services among a targeted audience

Step 5 - Monitor Performance

Track the performance of your Customer Journey Funnel on Analytics > Audience.

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