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How to Sync LimeSpot Audience Segments with Google
How to Sync LimeSpot Audience Segments with Google

Discover how to seamlessly push your Audience Segments with Google Ads and leverage them to create highly targeted ad campaigns.

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Google's Custom Audiences allows advertisers to reach people with specific interests, habits, and recent purchase intent on Google's ad network, including Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Performance Max, and Smart campaigns.

You can leverage the information collected through LimeSpot's Audience Segments to automatically and seamlessly create Custom Audiences in Google. These Custom Audiences remain constantly synchronized and updated as shoppers browse through your website, ensuring your targeting remains accurate and effective.

Furthermore, you can use these audiences to create similar segments which can be strategically employed in various marketing initiatives.

Step 1 - Connect your Google account with LimeSpot

  1. Navigate to LimeSpot App > Segmentation > Audience and click on Sync

  2. Click on Go to Integrations tab.

  3. Sign in with your Google Account.

  4. Select your Google Ads account that you want to sync with and connect.

Your Google Account needs to have admin access to the Google Ads account for connection.

Step 2 - Enable sync with Google

  1. Navigate to LimeSpot App > Segmentation > Audience

  2. Click on Sync checkbox and Enable Sync with Google Ads.

All your Audience Segments will be synched with Google Ads every 12 hours, at 8 AM and 8 PM PST.

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