Launching a New Theme?

If you are launching a new theme for your store, you may need to make some styling updates to your LimeSpot boxes

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

LimeSpot can work on published Shopify/BigCommerce themes - we do not have the capability to access draft themes.

When our app gets installed, the code does not automatically transfer over to a new theme. We advise our customers to let us know once a new theme is published and we'll have our engineering team review our scripts to ensure that LimeSpot is installed properly on your new theme.

There may be some additional changes you've noticed, most commonly, the location of your boxes. When a new theme is installed, there are often updates in the layout of the elements on your site, which can sometimes lead to the previous LimeSpot anchor to be lost or misplaced. This is easily fixed by placing the LimeSpot boxes relative to your new theme elements. Read more about placing boxes through our article: How Do I Change My Recommendation Box Placement?

Note - All CSS/JS custom code will be saved but may need adjustments depending on the styling of your new theme.

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