The recommendation boxes may still appear on your live store after you have uninstalled from your Shopify admin panel > Apps page. The reason behind this is because we wait for Shopify's webhooks to update our system on your store's information.
Shopify Webhooks are messages from Shopify that tells us which stores have updated any of their store's information. Webhooks are "usually" immediate and are processed within a few minutes. However, Shopify might have delayed sending some webhooks. Occasionally, we might have a long queue to process the webhooks and Shopify has proven to have bugs in this area, especially when 3rd party apps and integrations are involved. Please wait a couple of minutes and the uninstallation should process.

If you want to immediately remove the recommendation boxes from your live store and the automated process is taking longer than expected, you can go to your LimeSpot admin panel and unpublish the recommendation boxes by going to Conversion > Website Personalization and click on the Pause button.
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