LimeSpot's recommendation boxes automatically generate tags/keywords for all the store's products and calculate the product relations through different parameters (keywords, titles, collections and customer behavior through time) thus creating a more tailored and unique shopping experience for each shopper. They also are initialized in an asynchronous manner, which means that the page load is never stopped to wait for our boxes to load.

Here are the different intelligent Product Recommendations:

  • Items that are similar to the item that is currently being viewed or purchased.

Cross-sell Items

  • Items that are usually sold together with the ones your customers are currently viewing or purchasing, or would bundle well together. This may be manually selected or automatically generated.

Upsell Items

  • Items that you want to feature to your customers to boost sales in the cart and order status page. This may be manually selected or automatically generated.

Frequently Bought Together

  • Uses your store sales data to recommend items for your shoppers that are often purchased together with the item that is currently being viewed.

You May Like

  • Show your customers recommendations based on their actions and behavior on your site. A combination and cross-section of related items for the recently viewed products helps for better discovery by your online shoppers.

Recently Viewed Items

  • Remind shoppers of items they considered buying before.
  • Use social proof to entice your customers with the most popular items on your website since installing Personalizer, and/or the most popular items from the collection currently being viewed.
  • Capitalize on quick changes in the Internet's landscape by showing which of your items are going viral. This is similar to the Most Popular items but it is dependent on the store's most recent traffic.

New Arrivals

  • Allow LimeSpot to automatically discover and showcase the products newly added to your store. You can also limit the scope to show by a particular collection.
  • Promote any of your existing collections on any of your store pages. (maximum of 4 Featured Collection in each of your store pages)

You can easily place these intelligent recommendation boxes on the various pages of your online store, including Home, Product, Collection, Cart, Search, Order Status, Blog and 404 pages.

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