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Most Popular in Search Results (Shopify only)

Learn how Popular Recommendations integration with Shopify Predictive Search could help you optimize the performance of your Search page

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

LimeSpot Personalizer is now integrated with Shopify Predictive Search on Search results page.

This means the "Most Popular" displayed on the Search results page of Shopify stores will now automatically adjust based on the search query, aligning recommendations with the criteria that shoppers is searching for.

According to Econsultancy:

  • 30% of website visitors use onsite search and each of these users show a possible intent to purchase.

  • 25% of the users click on a search suggestion.

This feature will improve customer interaction and boost the conversion rate of your Search page.

Merchants don't need to apply any settings. Most Popular recommendations on the search page now automatically incorporate this feature as the standard behavior. However, if a merchant prefers not to use this feature, they can easily disable it by inserting the following code into LimeSpot App > Designer as Custom Code.

recommendation: {
ignoreSearchPageQueryForPopularRecommendations: true

Note: You might already have other code in this section, including other LimeSpot.config.setOptions commands. You can paste the new command after the existing code and rest assured that they will not interfere with each other.

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