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How the LimeSpot Customer Service Team Can Help Brands with Configurations or Customizations.
How the LimeSpot Customer Service Team Can Help Brands with Configurations or Customizations.
Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

The LimeSpot Customer Service Team is here to make your LimeSpot experience amazing! Our Specialists can assist in getting you started, support and troubleshoot when you run into trouble, provide guidance on best practices, and help your brand with simple configurations. You can reach a team member live over chat or via email at [email protected] on weekdays between 6:30 AM and 8:30 PM Pacific Time.

If you run into a need outside the scope of our Customer Service Team, you will require help from a developer. You are welcome to use one of your own, or we can suggest agency partners from our preferred partner network you can choose to work with at your own discretion. Contact our partnerships team to recommend some of our preferred partners that may be a good fit for you at [email protected].

Here are a few examples of configurations our Customer Service Team can provide:

  • Recommend best practices for placing boxes on all site pages, including homepage, collection, cart, order status, product, full page checkout (if on Shopify Plus or BigCommerce), blog, 404, and search.

  • Help you customize the LimeSpot components to the best of our capabilities so it closely matches the look and feel of the store’s theme.

  • Help you with the basic styling of add-to-cart buttons, including padding, size, color, typography, and text.

  • Advise you as you set up your automated or manually selected cross-sell and upsell boxes.

  • Provide analytics breakdown of revenue and conversions of recommendation boxes.

  • Set up boxes as bundle style.

  • Assist in setting up A/B tests

  • Set up email and/or SMS personalization widgets and recommendations for all currently supported ESPs. (Please note your brand will be responsible for providing the content to include)

  • Support you in setting up personalized HTML and Images campaigns on your site, once the copy and image files are shared. (Please note your brand will be responsible for providing the content to include)

Out of Scope of LimeSpot Customer Service Team:

Note: Many of these actions are things our Customer Success Team would be able to assist your brand with. To learn more about working with the Success Team, click here.

  • Assess built-in compatibility with ajax cart (aka flyout cart) for customizations; for non built-in scenarios offer guidance required selectors/functions.

  • Filter add-to-cart variants based on custom logic. For example, hiding variants with certain keywords in the title or certain characteristics such as price range.

  • Support for custom variant swatches, if we can access the swatch values on the client-side by filter recommendations, by color, or by some other characteristic.

  • Implementation of a “free shipping” bar or banner on slide out cart.

  • Incorporate existing third-party integrations. For other integrations, we will review and determine if they are viable.

  • Render recommendation boxes on demand using custom code and placement outside of the natural layout of the page, for instance inside a pop-up.

  • Change the default markup code for recommendation boxes for layouts not possible with existing box styles. (e.g changing the placement of price and reviews).

  • Change the built-in add-to-cart button appearance beyond text, typography, and colors. For instance, using an icon button instead of a text button. We’re happy to support your developers on more complex bespoke projects. Additional design or layout changes may be reviewed and scoped out to determine whether our team can support it or if you will need to rely on your developer.

  • Clone LimeSpot’s look & feel and configurations from the Primary Website to the brand’s other websites (eg: regional sites).

  • Create labels or restrictions for specific products with specific tags (i.e., add a new label tag for products with ‘New’ tag).

  • Shopify and BigCommerce administration or native Shopify/BigCommerce functionality, which can be better answered by platform support or your development team.

  • Additional functionality that is neither offered as out-of-the-box nor possible with common customization of existing features. Such functionality is categorized as feature requests and may be added to our product roadmap for general availability in future releases.

  • Any errors related to theme customizations, either by third-party integrations, apps, or template file modifications. We will advise reverting these customizations back to the original theme to restore the default functionality.

  • Any installation, configuration or troubleshooting issues involving third-party integrations, apps, or themes including those in the official Shopify app store.

  • Removing or updating customizations made to a theme by other parties.

  • Upgrading themes, whether they have been customized or not.

  • A/B testing and optimization campaigns.

  • PageSpeed/Lighthouse or W3C validation or other validation or similar issues. If you have questions about our approach, please refer to our on page load time and SEO support article.

  • Customization assistance for developers or designers being done for clients. It is the developer's responsibility to be familiar with the technical knowledge to build new functionality or troubleshoot issues.

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