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Define variations for different segments
Define variations for different segments

Step 2 to the Curated Collections setup.

Written by Will Wadman
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Collection Variations

Create multiple variations for your Starting Collection to target each audience segment with a different set of products, or different sorting orders.

You must have audience segments defined to proceed. Use audience segmentation to create audiences.

  1. Click the + Add Collection Variation button to add new collection variations:

  2. Under the Basic tab, choose a target audience you would like to curate this variation to. Rename your Variation to something relevant. We use Active Customers as an example here:

  3. Under the Products tab, select one or more product collections you would like to display to the user. Sort your products for smarter merchandising. To read more about your sorting options, please visit article. Finally, limit the number of products to a number between 10 and 200.

  4. You can also pin a certain products to always appear on top of the collection. An example would be to promote your top high stock products to balance inventory or high margins products.

  5. Once you're done with your settings, click Apply and Close to proceed. Repeat the steps above to add more variations here to show different products for different audiences. Here is what it looks with more than one variation:


Choose a fallback option to show to the users who don't fall into either one of the audience segments you've selected above.

Once you've selected a fallback option, click Next to go to the last step.

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