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What Should I Check on Preview Mode?

Check the styles, placements, images and alignments of the recommendation boxes...

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

The preview mode is for you to see what our Recommendation Boxes look like with your online store before you Publish our app and push it live to your live store.

Make sure to check the styles, placements and alignments of the Recommendation Boxes on each of your pages. You can navigate through your store in the live preview just like how you would on your browser. 

Also, check the Recommendation Boxes that you would like to have active on each of your pages. We suggest to have at least 2 Recommendation Boxes on each page (especially Recently Viewed in all pages). 

Finally, don't forget to take a look at the top left corner where you can specify which Shopify Theme you are using. We have some pre-determined customizations for a number of different Shopify themes. If you know what theme you have on your store, you can go ahead and select your theme. If you can't find your theme, or if the pre-determined customizations look different than what you have on your store, you can still customize our recommendation boxes elements by choosing "None" and using the Designer to customize our boxes.

Note: The products in the Recommendation boxes within the Designer are random sample products from your store and half of the products are discounted to show sample sale products. On your live store, the actual calculated recommended items will show in the Intelligent Recommendation Boxes.

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