There are 3 areas you can see the analytics for your text message personalization campaign.

A sale or purchase is attributed to LimeSpot only if the product is originally clicked through a LimeSpot recommendation box on your emails.

1. Under Acquisition > Text Message Personalization

Here you will see all sales attributed to each campaign over all time (from the day the campaign is created). If you're looking for a specific timeframe, we would recommend checking out the analytics through the other options below:

2. Analytics > Overview > drop down by Campaign

In the overview page on the designer, you will be able to drop into any of your text message campaigns to see how the conversion rate, and sales attributed to this campaign. You will see the revenue, products, and analytics per campaign (from a specific time frame).

3. Analytics > Campaigns > Text Messages

Here you will see renders, views, clicks and added to cart. Here you have the ability to see how each of your text message campaigns are performing. You can also filter by time frame (this week, last 14 days, 30 days etc.).

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