LimeSpot's audience segmentation engine works in real-time. It's important to note that some of the behavioural signals are processed upon page load and would have an immediate effect on the user segments within the same page that the customer landed on.

Note: If your audience is not approved for segmentation upon landing, the user will be segmented on their next click.

If you do wish to segment a user upon landing, please ensure when you're creating an audience segment that the conditions are aligned with the supported conditions below:

1. Supported conditions:

  • Access Ports, including:

    • Browser

    • Device

    • Location

    • OS

    • Platform

  • Browsing Activities, including:

    • Page URL

    • Referral URL

    • URL Parameters

    • Site visit

2. Supported Date-Range

  • "In the past" - ("Date range" is not supported)

3. Supported Quantity

  • Only "equal to 1" and "more than 0" are supported.

  • "equal" to any other number than 1 is NOT supported

  • "More than" any other number that 0 is NOT supported

  • "Less than" is NOT supported

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