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How to remove the Default Theme Recommendation Box on Shopify
How to remove the Default Theme Recommendation Box on Shopify

Learn how to disable the Shopify theme default boxes to replace them with LimeSpot Personalizer.

Written by Will Wadman
Updated over a week ago

Some Shopify Themes automatically add a Related Products box to your store by default. LimeSpot replaces this default setting with an advanced 1:1 personalization engine to ensure your Shopify Product Recommendations and related products are accurate and more customizable with proven results so you can sell more. Have a look on your Products and Checkout cart pages to see if your theme has a default related products box.

Some of Shopify themes have a default related product recommendation box on their product page such as Supply and Solo and some don't, such as Brooklyn.

You'll need to turn off your Theme's default settings if you already have a related products box on your website. Don't worry, it's easy: you just need to turn off a checkbox! Here's how:

Step 1: Go to your Shopify Admin Panel
Step 2: Click on Online Store on the left navigation menu
Step 3: Choose Theme on the left-hand navigation menu that shows up.
Step 4: Choose the Customize Theme option of your live theme which is on the top right corner of your theme.

Step 5: Choose the Product Pages on the top menu of the Shopify Theme Designer.
Step 6: On the product pages, in the Related Product section, there should be a checkbox for disabling the default related products box, Show Related Products. Disable it.

Step 7: Click Save and Publish at the top.

Your website will now utilize LimeSpot's Intelligent Product Recommendations

Note: If you do not turn off the Default Shopify Related Products box, you will have two related products boxes after installing LimeSpot Personalizer. Some advanced themes will require additional configuration to turn off the default related products box; contact [email protected] for support.

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