This guide will show you how to add the LimeSpot text message link to your SMSBump (Yotpo) campaign.

1. First, you will need to copy the text message personalization link from the LimeSpot admin panel to paste within SMSBump. There are a few ways to access the text message personalization link - here they are:

a. Once you've created your text message personalization link, at the bottom of the campaign, select Copy to clipboard - see screenshot below:

b. If you're in the Acquisition > Campaigns you can access the link by clicking the 3 dots beside the campaign you'd like the link for.

2. Now that you have the text message personalization link, log into your SMSBump (Yotpo) dashboard and create a new campaign or click on the existing campaign that you want to add the link to. Example:

a. Now that you are in your desired campaign, under Text message, add your LimeSpot personalization link.

b. If you'd like to test your text message campaign, replace the {FulfillmentEmail} with your test email address after the '=' in the LimeSpot link and then you can send yourself a preview

Note: The customer-email-specific Shortcode (e.g. FullfillmentEmail) is currently available for the following flows:

  • Shipping create

  • Shipping update

  • Order delivered

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