Your product attributes should be automatically extracted from your product content and tags. If a certain attribute is not clearly mentioned in your product content, you will need to add it yourself.

Fixing errors and publishing more products will increase your data points in Google as well as the knowledge gathered on your product catalog. So publishing more products to Google will improve your product performance collectively in both paid shopping campaigns and free listings.

How to Fix Product Warnings:

After completing the on-boarding setup, go to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Acquisition > Google Shopping > Feed Center > Validation.

Open the Disapproved tab. Products that need your attention are distributed per attribute. Click on the “Fix” button to add the correct value for each attribute.

LimeSpot Product Feed Validation Disapproved Tab

If the FIX button is inactive (greyed out), you'll need to apply the required information in your eCommerce platform (Shopify or BigCommerce).


  1. Use the Bulk Edit option to apply the correct value for multiple products together.

    LimeSpot Product Feed Bulk Edit

  2. Increase the number of products per page so you can fix the more products in one click.

    LimeSpot Product Feed increase number of products per page
  3. Chat with us if you have problem fixing your attributes.

List of Attributes:

  • GTIN (barcode information) is used to identify your products in Google. Products with incorrect GTIN will not be eligible for Google Shopping. Valid GTIN should have 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN).


    If your product GTIN is invalid or you don't know the correct GTIN value, use the "Leave Blank" function. Products with no GTIN will have a warning but are still publishable and you can run ads on them.

LimeSpot Product Feed Leave Blank GTIN
  • Product Type indicates your product categorization system. The submitted values will be used to organize the bidding and reporting in your Google Ads Shopping campaign.


    Make sure you have selected the correct Industry Segment for your online store. We use this information to categorize your products for Google. Access this through the LimeSpot Admin Panel > Click on name at the top right > Account & Billing > Industries tab.

  • Size describes the standardized size of your product. When used, your product can appear in results that are filtered by size. The size you submit will also affect how your product variants are shown.

  • Color describes your product’s color. This information helps create accurate filters, which users can use to narrow search results. If your product has variants that vary by color, then provide that information through this attribute.

  • Age sets the demographic that your product is designed for. When you use this attribute, your product can appear in results that are filtered by age.

  • Gender specifies the gender of your product. When you provide this information, potential customers can accurately filter products by gender to help narrow their search.

  • Image specifies the image of the product. You will need to fix this via your Shopify Admin Panel > Products to make sure those products have an image.

Rejected by Google:

Your product could be rejected by Google for different reasons. Unavailable landing page, unavailable landing page for mobile, unavailable image, image too small, etc.

These type of errors should be fixed directly on your eCommerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce). When your product information is updated on your eCommerce platform, it will be automatically synced with your feed and published to your Google Merchant Center.

Non-English Stores:

Our product attribution is currently optimized for English language only, so support for stores in another language is limited and requires manual work on the user's end.

Please contact our support team via Chat for advice and help if the LimeSpot engine has not recognized your available attributions via your product content in Shopify.

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