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Step 1 in setting up your image personalization campaign.

Written by Will Wadman
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Navigate to your LimeSpot Admin Panel > Content > Images > Gallery to get started. Click on the Create button.

A pop-up will appear on the right hand side with 2 tabs: Information and Targeting.

Remember to hit Create and Close once you have finalized your settings.


Title: Any title to help you recognize which set of content this is.

Destination URL: URL of the page you want to personalize your images on.

CTA: Stands for call to action, and it's the part of a webpage that encourages the audience to do something. E.g. The CTA button on your hero banner.

Heading: Title to catch the eye of the user. The recommended character limit for the title is 50 characters. Do not write long sentences here.

Subheading: A short title to supplement your heading. Do not write long sentences here.

Large (e.g. Desktop image)*: The desktop image is mandatory and will be responsive if you do not set a small/medium image.

Small (e.g. Mobile image): Optional image for mobile.

Medium (e.g. Tablet image): Optional image for tablet.


Your Audience Segments will show up here in the dropdown list. Select the one you want to target for this image set.

Below is a sample store with filled in content.

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