Each customer needs to create one Google Merchant Center (GMC) Account by LimeSpot through the onboarding process of LimeSpot Ads. This new GMC Account will be managed by the LimeSpot engine automatically and be in sync with your backend.

LimeSpot generates fresh and unique Offer IDs for products enriched and synced to the Google Merchant Center (GMC) feed. We avoid co-existing with other "feed management" software on the same feed in order to prevent duplicate records for each product, and that is why we create a new GMC Account for LimeSpot.

When using LimeSpot Ads for Google Shopping, all Feed Management should be done through the LimeSpot dashboard via LimeSpot Admin Panel > Acquisition > Google Shopping > Feed Center > Feed Management tab. You can also manage your Feed Settings via LimeSpot Admin Panel > Acquisition > Google Shopping > Settings.

Please note that any changes directly applied to the GMC Account (e.g. from the Google Merchant Center dashboard) will impact your machine-managed performance, or will be automatically overwritten by LimeSpot's backend.

💡 If you already have an existing GMC Account that you are using to run Google Shopping campaigns, you should start by using an alternative domain for the LimeSpot-created GMC Account (e.g. store.myshopify.com) to get your products validated and approved by Google after publishing, and then you can go through our Merchant Account replacement process to switch everything over to LimeSpot. You will need to change the Website URL during the onboarding process:

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