1. Connecting Your Existing Google Ads Accounts

  • If you already have a Google Ads Account and it is connected to your Google Account, you should be able to see it in the drop-down. Click CONNECT once you have selected your Google Ads account from the drop-down. Then, click on the NEXT button.

  • Connecting to your current Ads Account will give you a holistic view over your Google Ads and help you compare LimeSpot Campaigns with other campaigns.

2. Create a New Google Ads Account

  • If you don’t have any Google Ads Accounts yet, you need to create a new one. Click on the CREATE NEW ADS ACCOUNT button on the Google Ads Account setup page and follow the steps after that. A slide-out will appear on the right hand side with further instructions on how to proceed.

  • Upon creation, Google will send you an email, to the same Google Account that is connected via step 1, and you need to click ACCEPT.

  • Set your payment/billing information in the new Google Ads in Google Ads > Tools and Settings > Billing > Summary. Add in your billing info and click SUBMIT.

  • Now go back to the the LimeSpot Ads On-boarding Setup. Click on CHECK AGAIN to let our system know that the billing information is applied. Our system also automatically checks it as well after a certain amount of time has passed.

  • Click CONNECT once you have activated your Google Ads Account and applied your Google Ads Account billing information. A connected Google Ads Account will look like this:

  • Now you can click NEXT to proceed.

Note: You can skip to the next step without fixing the errors, but your account will not be enabled to publish products and serve ads before these issues are fixed. We recommend for you to fix the errors and make sure everything is setup in your ads account's billing information while you are at this step.

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