During the Product Feed Validation process, we are analyzing your product variants attributed information to make sure they are 100% compliant with Google Merchant Center regulations.

Here are the differences between each tab:



Error: Products NOT ready to publish with one or more errors. Products with errors are not acceptable by Google and will be disapproved by Google if published. Error Products are NOT publishable.

Success: Products ready to publish with no error or warnings.

Warning: Products ready to publish with one or more warnings. Warnings will create a lower SEO rank for your products but you can still publish and run ad campaigns on them.

Best Practice Tips:

  1. For disapproved products, check out this guide here for more info on how to manage it. Fixing errors and publishing more products will increase your data points in Google as well as the knowledge gathered on your product catalog.

  2. For approved products, check out this guide here to learn how to optimize your products. Fixing product attribute warnings will increase your product rank and thus increase the visibility and discoverability of your products on Google.

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