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  • App Installation

    LimeSpot supports integration with the following e-commerce platforms: Shopify BigCommerce Unlisted E-Commerce Providers If your e-commerce platform is not listed here you may still be able to in...

  • Installation with Shopify

    Installing LimeSpot onto your Shopify store is super easy! To get started, head to LimeSpot's page in the Shopify App Store and click Get App. Simply follow the indicated steps to install LimeSpot on your st...

  • Installation with BigCommerce

    Installing LimeSpot onto your BigCommerce store is super easy! To get started, head to LimeSpot's page in the BigCommerce App Store and click Get it Now. Simply follow the indicated steps to install LimeSpot...

  • Integration with Unlisted E-commerce Providers

    We strive to continuously add support for automatic integration of LimeSpot shops with major e-commerce systems. Currently we support the following e-commerce providers: Shopify Bigcommerce Please ...

  • How LimeSpot Wizard Works

    As a first time user, you should first select your segment. You can always update your segments later by going to the LimeSpot admin panel > Account. After choosing your segment, you have two installation op...

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Store Optimization

  • Store Optimization

    In this section, you can find links to advanced settings. These might include lines of code. General Suggestions for the Best Recommendation Box Placement Snippet Settings (BigCommerce, WooCommerce,...

  • Suggestions for the Best Recommendation Box placement

    To further increase your store's performance we have a couple of best practice suggestions for Recommendation Box placement throughout your store. Page Recommendation Box Type Best Placement Home Pa...

  • Snippet Settings

    If you want to change the look and functionality of LimeSpot features (e.g. Top Picks collections and Intelligent Product Recommendations) these codes are managed through the LimeSpot Admin Panel: Go to y...

  • Customizing the Top Picks Collection Names

    Currently, our engine does not support changing the Top Picks collection title. However, this change will be implemented in the system and will be available in a future update. In the meantime you can do this m...

  • Customizing Recommendation Boxes' CSS

    Appearance of Recommendation Boxes can be customized to some extent via the LimeSpot admin panel. See this article for instructions on changing basic appearance properties. If you need to customize your Recomme...

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LimeSpot Admin Panel

  • LimeSpot Admin Panel

    In the LimeSpot admin panel you can configure settings in your Account, Features, Collections, Related Items and adjust your product targeting using Targeting Tool and Targeting Rules as well as Manually syncin...

  • Dashboard

    You can use the administration dashboard in order to gain more insight about your store's Click Through Rates, existing trends and shoppers' demographic information. For convenience, there are tables for each g...

  • Features

    In Feature Settings, you can select to install and customize the LimeSpot's Features that you like to have activated on your online store and your store's Facebook page. Intelligent Product Recommendations...

  • Intelligent Product Recommendations

    LimeSpot's recommendation boxes use product attributes, real-time store-wide behavior patterns, and individual behavior to intelligently help customers find what they are looking for. Related Items: Items ...

  • Intelligent Product Pages

    LimeSpot's Intelligent Product Pages feature enables you to create dynamic pages with LimeSpot driven recommendations. The Intelligent Product Pages that can create are: You May Like: Show shoppers a subse...

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Integrating LimeSpot with 3rd Party Apps

  • Integrating LimeSpot with 3rd party apps

    You can integrate LimeSpot app with 3rd party apps. For this purpose, LimeSpot creates an integration ID for your store so you can insert it into the 3rd party apps' integration section. Below you can find a ...

  • Integrating LimeSpot with Fablet

    For this purpose, please follow these steps: Go to your LimeSpot Administration Panel. Click on Account Summary on the left navigation menu. Under Integration Info section, find the Storefront Key. Co...

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Recent Q&A


  • How to change font size and format

    I was wondering how to change the font size of the title because it is a little bit too big for me. Also, the default text is italic. How do I remove the italic format? Thank you.

  • How to change font size and format

    I was wondering how to change the font size of the title because it is a little bit too big for me. Also, the default text is italic. How do I remove the italic format? Thank you.

  • Cross-sell vs Frequently Sold With

    What is the difference between cross-sell and frequently sold with sections?

  • Where to find "item added to cart" message to translate it?

    I dont know where to find the message "item added to cart" that appears after the 'add to cart" action. I need to translate it to my language. I only managed to find how to change box tit...

  • delay load

    Hi how to make limespot app fast load in my pages ?

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  • Can i show recommended products in the individual product page?

    I am trying to install the recommending product functions in the page. I can see it at the general collection or product pages. But when i click into an individual product page, ii cant see any. And i cannot f...

  • Server slow

    Is there an issue with Limespot's servers? the JS files are loading really slowly.

  • Language

    Hi, how can I edit the "Add to cart" text on your widgets?

  • APP broke my Shopify Store Cart function

    Hi there, After installing the Limespot APP, it stuffed up my shopping cart experience completely. From showing no products added to the cart although it's actually added' to showing other products...

  • Missing product images and duplicate entries

    Good day I have two issues. 1. New products images are not showing in the lime spot recommendations. Sometimes converting the image to png helps. However png files are very large compared to jpg. Please e...

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  • Change font size

    Hi, I am having trouble changing the font size of my product descriptions in LimeSpot to match my Shopify theme's. I have read this article: http://support.limespot.com/customer/portal/questions/11452110-...

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Store Optimization

  • Manually related products choose

    how do i manually choose related products for the product page?

  • Product view

    Hi guys! I tryed to use your up, it is work, but I have custom view of product and your app use standart form and I dont know how I can change it. Could you help me? My store is ambient-lounge-chile.myshopify....

  • hiding unwanted items from your search engine

    hey guys, i have removed all tags on the items,i do not want my guests to see, but there are still showing up, example, i have two items exactly the same with a different price side by side, i need them gone,, ...


    Hi there, a pleasure to have talks to you :-) i have setup the app and the needed settings and not showing the related products on my product pages! how could i sort this out? - im using shopify as eco...

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Integrating LimeSpot with 3rd Party Apps

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